AHB Blog: Busy and Brewing!

April is always a busy month in graduate school. Fellowship reports, exams, papers, taxes all due. Couple that with regular work (research, lab maintenance etc.), and things get busy quick. I’m keeping my spirits bright, and using brewing as a stress-free creative outlet! In lieu of formal blog posts (due to school, sad face), I’d thought I’d give some short updates on my apartment brewing!

Both the long awaited Passion Fruit American Wheat and Falconer’s Flight APA are kegged and tasting great. I’ve already taken some beauty shots of the Passion Fruit Wheat and it is very refreshing especially in the 80+F Texas spring. The APA is also tasting nice, although not fully carbonated at this point. Initial keg samples are nicely hoppy, with the aroma and flavor in the fruity spectrum, lots of mango, guava, and citrus fruits! With both these beers on tap, I’ll have quite the tropical line up! Look for some tasting notes soon!

In addition to kegging, I brewed a saison last week! The recipe is traditional, using the 3711 French Saison yeast by Wyeast; however, the final product will not. The fermented saison will be transferred in 2 weeks to a barrel for souring at the Jester King brewery in Austin, TX. This is part of brew club collaboration with the Austin Zealots. I’m excited to see how the final beer turns out; I’ll have to wait patiently till February 2015. Since I am thirsty for saison in the short term, after transferring the first brew, I’ll save the yeast cake and make another saison, similar to the first, but with loads of late hops. That beer will be kegged and enjoyed in a few weeks. Look for a short brew day post soon!

Cheers, and happy brewing!

4 thoughts on “AHB Blog: Busy and Brewing!

    • Properly stored, quite awhile depending on the style. My hoppy beers stay hoppy for about 2 months before fading a bit. Malty styles stay nice for many months. I have a porter that has been in a keg for over 6 months and still tastes great. For me, the beer is usually gone before the taste fades. Cheers!

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