Brew Days

1st Batch sparge; it looks like it is going to get stuck. Those darn oats!

1st Batch sparge; it looks like it is going to get stuck. Those darn oats!

This page archives many of the Apartment Homebrewer brew days! Brew day post are intended to discuss extensive recipe design or introduce a specific brewing technique. Also, check out the recipes page for an archive of tasting notes, some recipe design, and a recipe.  Cheers and happy brewing!

Brew Days: Archive
Mayan Apocalypse Ale Brew Night : Brewing a strong ale of sorts while awaiting the 2012 Mayan Apocalypse!
Naked Blonde Ale Brew Day : An experimental brew to find out what Simpson’s Golden Naked Oats contribute to beer character.
Big Oatmeal Stout Brew Day : Pushing an oatmeal stout to its limits (according to the BJCP).
Palisades American Bitter Brew Day : A brew day to find out what Palisades contribute to a Bitter type recipe.
Passion Fruit American Wheat : Using passion fruit in an American-style wheat beer. Photo Gallery
Falconer’s Flight APA Brew Day : A basic brew day of an American Pale Ale using solely Falconer’s Flight hop blend!
Barrel-Aged Saison : French-style saison aged in a Jester King barrel.
Craft A Brew Brown Ale Kit : Simply stated, a one-gallon extract batch of brown ale.

10 thoughts on “Brew Days

    • Yeah, no problem. I’m testing out some Czech floor-malted pilsner malt, so this is the recipe I formulated for a 5 gallon batch:

      Malt: 7 lbs pilsner malt to get you to 1.040 (use more or less depending on your system’s efficiency)

      Hops: 2 oz of Hersbrucker (1 oz at bittering, 1 oz at flameout)

      Yeast: a good pitch of California lager yeast (~ 1 million cells/ml/degree P)

      Water: soft water for mash (since it’s a pale hybrid)

      Should be brewing this soon, around mid July after my lager brewing finishes up. Hope this helps! Cheers!

  1. Going to think about this one… I have wanted to do a smash with Hallertau. I have to wait for my lite beer clone to finish so I can have my fermenter back. It needs another 7 days before I can add AE to it, then needs seven more days.

  2. Great blog and a really good way of inspiring home brewing in spaces that are possibly smaller than you would like. I will certainly be looking at some of these recipes for inspiration once my current batch is finished. (@TMDrink_blog)

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