Brewing Tech

This page archives the Apartment Brewing Tech series. In general, these posts are intended to help new brewers overcome many of the equipment challenges arising from brewing in an apartment or limited spaces, especially when tackling more advanced brewing techniques, such as kegging or all-grain brewing. Cheers and happy brewing!

Heating Wort and Water Series: Managing heating/boiling on the apartment (and tiny kitchen) scale
Countertop RO Filtration Series: Apartment scale RO system (Parts 2-4 coming soon!)
Essential Starting Equipment, First Step: Decide Batch Size : Apartment brewing is often limited by resources and space. Think before you buy! (Expanded seriesĀ coming soon!)
Storing malt : Lessons learned storing base-malt, DME, LME, and speciality grains in my small apartment. Fresh malt is key to making great beer!
Rubberband hose clamps : A quick fix to slippery hose tubing while racking beer.
Using towels : Homebrewing = messes. Unfortunately, they don’t install floor drains in apartment kitchens. Towels work well!
Jet bottle washer water hose : Sourcing and moving water from a kitchen faucet made easy.

4 thoughts on “Brewing Tech

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  2. Hey Daniel,

    My buddy and I have been apartment brewing for about 8 months now and we love it. We primarily work with extract for efficiency but would like to attempt an all-grain IPA in the near future. How have you managed an all-grain brew in your apartment?

    • Nice, good to hear! For all-grain, I started out using brew-in-a-bag (BIAB) for a dozen batches or so before moving onto lauter/sparge. I built my own mash tun out of a four gallon stainless steel brew kettle and weldless ball valve. It’s small enough to fit in my oven for mash rest. I’ll likely detail this mash tun build in future blog posts so stayed tuned. Thanks for visiting! Cheers!

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