bos1This page archives most of the recipes featured in The Apartment Homebrewer blog. Beer reviews and tasting notes accompany each recipe. Cheers and happy brewing!

Beers with Style (aka beers to style)
Falconer’s Flight APA : a APA using solely Falconer’s Flight hop blend
Big Oatmeal Stout : an oatmeal stout made to the upper end of the BJCP style guidelines
House APA : my favorite American Pale Ale recipe using a 50/50 blend of Centennial and CTZ Hops
Fuller’s London Porter Clone 1 : my first attempt at Fuller’s London Porter
Apricot Wheat : an American-style wheat beer with loads of apricot, a great summer beer
Passion Fruit American Wheat : an American-style wheat beer with passion fruit, another great summer beer
London-Style Robust Porter : a Robust Porter fermented with Wyeast 1028 London Ale
California Common : a great fall beer and extract recipe
German Pilsner : small batch German lager recipe, hoppy and refreshing for the summertime

Experimental Brews (my attempt to understand brewing)
2013 Winter Solstice Ale : a strong ale/winter warmer or sorts, combining Scottish, American, German, and Belgian brewing traditions
2012 Mayan Apocalypse Ale, Fresh : a strong ale/winter warmer of sorts, brewed on the 2012 Mayan Apocalypse arrival
2012 Mayan Apocalypse Ale, 1-year : a follow-up, tasting this winter warmer after 14 months of ageing in bottle
Naked Blonde Ale : a grain experiment, essentially a blonde ale grist brewed with 15% Simpson’s Golden Naked Oats (hence naked blonde ale)
Palisade American Bitter :  a hop experiment, 100 % Palisade hops in a English bitter grist, fermented with an American ale yeast
Red IPA : a hop experiment, making an IPA with a 50/50 blend of Centennial and Tettnang hops
Blonde Barleywine : a SMaSH-y beer, to find out what Maris Otter malt contribute to flavor when taken to 1.100 OG
Farmhouse IPA : a hoppy saison of sorts, nice for the late spring early summer

Session Brews (neither experimental nor to style, just tasty)
Session IPA : an attempt to make a session IPA using leftover ingredients from previous batches
Session Amber Ale : an attempt to make an extremely low alcohol beer at 2% ABV, it turned out great!
Session Oatmeal Stout : the little brother of the Big Oatmeal Stout
Session Helles : a light version of Munich Helles with great malt character, yet 4.1% ABV

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