This page archives random blog posts. These posts feature many things, such as brewing plans, batch updates, and miscellaneous nonsense. Posts with technical info, recipes, etc. can be found on the mentioned links above. Cheers, and happy brewing!

Through the whiskey barrel.

Through the whiskey barrel.

Summer 2014
Testing New Equipment via Extract Brewing : new wort chiller, time to test out a new process via extract brewing
Brewing a SMaSH Blonde and Judging the Austin Zealots Inquisition : testing out some new grain via SMaSH
July Zealots Meeting and Kegging German Lagers : attended Zealots July meetings, met Dr. Chris Colby
A Chest Full of Fermentation : fermenting new Fall 2014 German lagers, maxing out my chest freezer in the process
June Recap and New BJCP Style Guidelines : the new BJCP guidelines are out, now for some more brewing
Summer Solstice Helles Bock : brewed a helles bock and oktoberfest, reader request
June Zealots Meeting : attended Austin Zealots June meeting, and purchased a sack of Czech floor-malted pilsner malt.
Three Fermentations and Planning Fall 2014 German Lagers : getting busy brewing, and planning German-style lagers for the fall.

Spring 2014
Kegging the Hoppy Saison : kegging a hoppy saison, brewing a session-style Helles
May Zealots Meeting : summertime, brewing saison, and homebrew meetings
Busy and Brewing : graduate school craziness, beer updates, and saisons
Kegging the Passion Fruit Wheat : kegging, cherry beer, and Falconer’s Flight hops
Adding Passion Fruit to the Secondary : adding passion fruit to a wheat beer, washing yeast, and talking about Falconer’s Flight hop blend
St. Patrick’s Day : passion fruit wheat is fermenting, planning an APA brew day, and talk about strong cider.
Homebrew Celebrities : attended Austin Zealots March meeting, chatted with Drew Beechum, and started a passion fruit wheat beer.
Kegging the Session Oatmeal Stout : kegged session oatmeal stout, planning a passion fruit wheat beer.

Show Me Your Pewter Tankard : got myself a pewter tankard for a good deal; now I get to drink like a pirate!

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  2. Hey Danny. I dont live in an apartment. But SWMBO just had to have the damned glass top stove top. Now I cant do large all grain on my stove top anylonger. Since our gas range died. So for 4-5 Months out of the year Im doing smaller batches on the stove top because the glass top cant boil more than 4 gallons in a reasonable time or it shuts off. Do you have some good recipes for smaller batches?

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